About the Resin Bangle and Jewellery Bundle

Learn the skills you need to work with resin, in your own home and at your own pace.

If you've always wanted to have a go at resin but just didn't know where to start, then this bundle will give you the confidence to try it for yourself. You'll start with the basics and as you progress through the course, you'll learn more and more techniques that will build your skills along the way. The 2 Bangle courses will show you how to make 10 different bangles with several different colouring techniques as well as how to include both organic and inorganic materials in the bangles. In the Resin Jewellery class, you will learn how to cast in jewellery moulds and work in bezels, as well as how to colour resin in different ways plus how to turn your castings into jewellery you'll be proud to wear. By the end of these 3 courses, you'll have a really good understanding of how to make both bangles and resin jewellery.